Frequently Asked Questions

... and Their Answers

How long does it take for orders to be completed?

Most orders take 4-6 weeks from Start of Work. Inked and digital orders typically have a quicker turn-around than acrylic paintings.

Oversized and multi-page orders can be expected to take at least two months to complete.

Which drawing programs do you use?

Most orders are sketched, drawn, and painted in Clip Studio Paint. Occasionally Artrage, Photopea, and/or Painttool SAI will be used to make adjustments or work on parts I feel aren't suitable for Clip Studio.

I enjoy doodling and experimenting with ChickenPaint, an oekaki board program. It was one of the first digital drawing programs I ever used! Orders might be sketched or ideated here, but the small canvas limit doesn't allow space for detail or printing.

Can I order a painting in a medium other than acrylic?

Yes! Watercolor, oil pastels, chalk pastels, and combinations of these (with or without Acrylic) are available upon request.

Oil paintings are not currently offered.

What kind of bird is in my yard?

That's a great question! Lemme see.

Do you design logos?

I do not, sorry!

Do you do art trades?

Not currently.

Will you draw something for free/exposure?

No. <3

Can I get a tattoo of your drawing?


If you are looking for a custom piece, it would be treated as a regular art order in the medium of your choosing. A free Tattoo Pass will be included in the order for it to be tattooed once by your artist of choice.

If you are interested in an existing piece, please contact me to see if it's available for a Tattoo Pass purchase. Previously commissioned* art and some personal drawings are not valid for Tattoo Passes.

*An exception will be made if you were the Client or Recipient of a specific piece.